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We are currently reaching over 150,000 uninsured patients across the United States & on track to reach over 2.5 million patients by the end of 2023! That is approximately one billion dollars worth of recurring revenue from membership plans! We want to invite your practice to join The BoomCloud Marketplace so we can continue helping your practice grow recurring revenue and help more patients receive quality care!

About Service:

Our team will attract new uninsured patients via our innovative New Patient Marketplace! We connect new patients to your office and direct them to join your dental membership plan. 

What you get:
  • Squeeze Page: Landing page designed to get contact info
  • BoomCloud Marketplace Listing: Optimized page about your practice
  • Conversion Tracking: Ensure leads are being generated
  • ​Qualified Leads: Leads in your local area looking for dental care
  • ​Daily Management: Optimize your keywords and targeting
  • ​Ad Copy Writing: We use marketing & sales copy for the best results

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Practices that use external marketing grow 3x faster & build more loyal patients and create 7x more recurring revenue from their membership plans!


How it Works!

Practices that use external marketing grow 3x faster & build more loyal patients and create 7x more recurring revenue from their membership plans!

  • Step #1: BoomCloud is reaching thousands of patients looking for dental saving plan solutions per day
  • Step #2: BoomCloud nurtures these patients and turns them into an interested lead!
  • Step #3: BoomCloud sets up your listing on the Marketplace and patients can learn more and sign up for your plan. 
  • ​Step #4: Leads will be distributed based on your location!

As The BoomCloud Marketplace grows, You get more leads and sign ups & we will conquer the evil PPO empire, while helping more patients!


"The BoomCloud Marketplace has been a game changer for our dental membership plan. They have helped us connect with the right patients, resulting in a significant increase in membership enrollment. Their team of experts also provided valuable insights and guidance on how to improve retention of existing members. We highly recommend BoomCloud to any business looking to take their growth to the next level."
We were skeptical at first about investing in BoomCloud's Marketplace but we are so glad we did. Within just a few months of working with them, we saw a noticeable increase in the number of new patients signing up for our dental membership plan. 
"As a small dental practice, we were struggling to grow our membership plan. The BoomCloud Marketplace provided the boost we needed. They helped us reach new patients! We highly recommend BoomCloud's services to any practice looking to take their growth to the next level."
"We had tried everything to grow our dental membership plan but nothing seemed to be working. That is until we partnered with BoomCloud. Their Marketplace was exactly what we needed to take our practice to the next level. They helped us connect with the right patients. We highly recommend BoomCloud to any practice looking to grow their membership base."
"BoomCloud & the Marketplace have been a true asset to our dental practice.
"We've been working with BoomCloud for the past six months and the results have been outstanding. Thanks to BoomCloud, our dental membership plan is now thriving."

Are you Frustrated With Traditional Advertising Methods That Just Don't Seem to Work? 

 Look no further than BoomCloud, the premier provider of cutting-edge membership software & attracting new uninsured patients.

At BoomCloud, we understand the unique challenges that come with promoting a dental membership plan. That's why we've developed a proven system for driving new members to your plan and increasing retention of existing members. Our team of experts will work with you to create an advertising campaign that targets the right audience and generates results.

One of the key features of our services is our New Patient Marketplace. This innovative platform connects potential patients with the right dentist for their needs, increasing the chances of them signing up for your membership plan!

With BoomCloud MarketPlace you can expect:

Increased visibility and awareness of your dental membership plan

More leads and conversions, resulting in a higher enrollment rate

Improved retention of existing members, leading to a more stable and profitable business

Don't waste any more time and money on ineffective advertising methods. Trust the experts at BoomCloud to help you achieve the growth you need for your dental membership plan.

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The Secrets to Building a Million Dollar Membership Plan

Life Dental is a small dental practice located in Texas that struggled to grow their membership plan for several years. Despite offering competitive pricing and a wide range of services, the practice found it difficult to attract and retain members.

In an effort to boost growth, the practice decided to invest in The BoomCloud MarketPlace, which included both internal and external marketing strategies.

Internal marketing strategies focused on improving the patient experience. The practice implemented new technologies such as online sign ups and text blasts to get more patients on their membership plan. They also trained their staff on how to effectively communicate the benefits of their dental membership plan to patients and how to upsell other services.

External marketing strategies focused on reaching a wider audience. The BoomCloud Marketplace helped the practice connect with potential patients who were a good fit for their services in their local area. They also invested in targeted online advertising campaigns that reached potential patients in their local area.

Thanks to these efforts, within a year the practice was able to grow their membership plan to one million dollars in annual recurring revenue. They saw a significant increase in enrollment (Over 2,000 active membership patients) and improved retention of existing members. The practice attributes this success to the combination of internal and external marketing strategies provided by BoomCloud.

This case study shows that by investing in both internal and external marketing strategies, a small dental practice was able to achieve significant growth in their membership plan. By focusing on improving the patient experience and reaching a wider audience, they were able to attract and retain more members, resulting in a more profitable business! Sign up for the BoomCloud Marketplace now and start attracting new patients who are interested in joining your membership plan!

Sign up now! Limited Opportunity!
We are only working with 10 practices at a time!

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